Are you the owner of a Guesthouse in Pattaya?

What we offer to Pattaya Guesthouses

  • First page on google for relevant searches eg. Pattaya Guest House
  • Your own new website directly linked to our website. Showcase your rooms with a booking request form that goes directly to you. An easy to use backend allows you to update details whenever you wish.
  • 2000 real people a month search our site for guesthouses. (This is not hits by bots but a verifiable number of individuals)
  • Professionalism we are committed to a service that will benefit both the guests and the guesthouses by providing a transparent interface between the two. We are happy to offer advice and expertise to any guesthouses who require our services

What we require from Recommended Pattaya Guesthouses

  • Clean and Hygenic Guesthouses we only want to showcase guesthouses that adhere to good housekeeping and hygeine standards
  • Value for money whatever the cost of your rooms, the price should offer value for money to the guests
  • Transparency we require you to add pics and descriptions of all facilities. If you require help with this we can provide a service.
  • Professionalism we expect your website to be updated whenever you significantly alter facilities.

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We also offer website services to any of our Recommended Guesthouses at premium rates incorporating the pics and info you already put in your showcase